Numeric partners with Primary schools, parents, and universities to accomplish our work. Without these key partners, our work would not be possible. 

Primary School Partners

  • We partner with 44 primary schools in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. 
  • We aim to create centres of excellence in the schools where we operate
  • We collaborate with a dedicated liaison teacher who works with us throughout the year. 
  • We build good relationships with the school management teams and school governing bodies
  • We work with our school partners to support the smooth running of our program in the schools.


  • We typically host two parent meetings for each school per year 
  • We train parents how to use Numeric learning tools at home with their children
  • We prepare and share quarterly reports on the learners’ progress 
  • We establish direct communication between each parent and a Numeric program manager who is responsible for our programs at the child’s school.

University Partners

  • We have established university partners in each of the provinces where we operate: UKZN, UJ, UWC
  • We increase the opportunities to develop future teachers through our partnerships
  • We recruit and train a cohort of coaches comprised of 70% B.Ed students 
  • We create mutually beneficial opportunities for development and collaboration with our university partners.