Our Impact

To date, 16,224 learners have completed our year-long after-school program and  we enrolled our 18,362th learner in February 2021.

We are data-driven in our approach and in measuring ourselves, continuously improving or maintaining the strong impact that we create in our programs, including excellent attendance, persistence, quality instruction, and content knowledge improvement. Using our internally developed online learner management system (LMS) and our external evaluation results conducted by Ukufunda Education Consulting we measured the following impact in 2021:


average attendance rate in all Numeric after-school classes


average persistence in our program (in other words, for every 100 children who started our program in February 2021, 77 completed the program in November)· We are especially proud of this achievement considering that our learners continued to receive support through distance learning during the period of lockdown


hours face-to-face instruction


learners applied for our after-school programs


learners accepted into our after-school programs


tested as part of our annual monitoring and evaluation process




the percentage of teaching interns who are studying towards a B.Ed


learners who wrote the endline test achieved a mark of 80% and above, and 122 of them were Numeric learners.


of participants were female


Numeric learners

outperform their peers

in 94% of our partner schools in 2020.

Numeric learners improved by

12.8 percentage points

while their non-participating peers improved by 5.72 percentage points, resulting in a 7.08 percentage point net shift in maths content knowledge

Numeric learners

improve two times more

than their non-participating peers.

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