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Become a Numeric Coach in 2021

Become a Numeric Coach in 2021 with our Part-time, paid tutoring positions in our after-school programs, now available for the 2021 school year. 

Numeric coaches are university students who love maths, care about investing in learners’ futures, and who are interested in improving themselves as teachers. 

Training and development

Our Numeric coaches benefit from the following training and development: 

  • 80 hours of initial maths content, classroom management, pedagogy, lesson planning, and teaching skills training
  • 60 hours of ongoing development during the internship year, including one-on-one mentorship, formal and informal teaching observations, and ongoing skills development training
  • 100 hours of in-class teaching practice in one of Numeric’s after-school programs

Numeric Coach Impact

By becoming a Numeric Coach you will improve the lives of learners in the following ways: 

  • Learners gain confidence in mathematics and develop additional maths content knowledge
  • Learners look up to their coaches and gain a role model
  • Learners gain an opportunity to make maths fun and see the benefits of extra practice 

To date, Numeric has worked with over 260 university students as coaches. Our alumni are now teaching in schools, working in corporates, and pursuing further studies. Join our vibrant network of young people who are improving their own skills while developing learners as well. 

A Numeric Coach Testimonial

Here’s what one of our coaches from Durban has to say about her experience: 

“Before Numeric I never thought or imagined that integrating fun and Mathematics would actually work for the learners and most importantly boost their marks which in turn boosts them academically and also their confidence is uplifted tremendously.

Numeric has helped equip me as a future teacher. Being a part of Numeric has helped promote my critical thinking skills, communication skills as I have to level with learners about issues in the class and even outside the class that could be a problem to their Numeric work or even their actual school work I have had to exercise patience as I need not forget that these learners are teenagers and so their feelings are all over the place. I’ve learnt to have a personable approach with my grade 7 learners and because of that, trust is built and the learning environment is always conducive.”

Phumelele Nyathikazi

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